Black Ops Emblems in your pocket.

Create, Save, and Share your own Emblems from wherever you want.

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    CreateWith all 489 emblems

    Take full advantage of all 12 layers with the full emblem set to create the ultimate callsign with an intuitive mobile interface.

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    EditWith a full featured editor

    Complete editor with Rotation, Scaling, and Translation all including precision modes. Custom Realtime Color Wheel. Flip, Outline, Reset, Duplicate, and Reordering.

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    Save and ShareWith your friends & family

    Store all your projects and load them at will. Share your projects with everyone using the copy & save functions.


Check out the v1.3 Update Video

New features demonstrated in this video:
 • Options Menu
 • Duplicate layer feature
 • Precision Arrows for Fine Tuning
 • Precision Arrows for panning/movement (press and hold 'options Cog' to toggle)
 • Copy to Clipboard from Save Menu

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See the detailed How-To Video

You will get an Overview of all the App's Features including:
 • Menu Operation
 • Editing Tools
 • Fine Tuning
 • Saving Emblems
 • App Options/Preferences